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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the answers to come of the most common questions donors and family members of donors ask us. If you cannot find a suitable answer to your inquiry here then please contact our team. We are happy to provide transparency to our donor process.
  • Whole-Body Donation is a way for those who choose donation to actively participate in the research and education that advances the development of medicine. Donors do not provide organs or tissues that are transplanted in to other living people.

    However, being diagnosed with certain communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B can affect your eligibility. History of intravenous drug use, recent prolonged incarceration, institutionalization, homelessness, and severe obesity or emaciation upon passing can also disqualify you. We accept donors from all states within the continental United States. 

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We are available now to answer your questions regarding whole body donation and assist you with the registration process. We work hard to serve our donors with the utmost care, compassion, respect and a commitment to the highest standards.

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