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Information For Hospice
and Professional Caregivers

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Information to help guide a patient through the registration & donation process. Request an in-service, webinar, or brochures.
Helping Patients And Families

For terminally-ill patients and their families, making end-of-life decisions can be tough. As a medical professional, helping them make decisions through such a difficult time is uncomfortable. Yet, in some cases, you might be the only person they can turn to. 

Whole body donation is now becoming a popular final arrangement option for most people. Thus, in-depth knowledge of the body donation process can help you more effectively counsel patients who are interested in this option.

Support For Medical Professionals

DonorCure conducts in-service orientation and webinars for medical professionals who are interested in knowing more about our body donation process.

Our very knowledgeable Education Directors are always ready to answer all of your and your staff’s questions. Get in touch with us now to schedule a presentation.

Refer Your Terminal & Hospice Patients

We encourage individuals to register prior to passing to provide peace of mind for loved ones and to ensure end-of-life wishes are fulfilled; however pre-registration is not required.

Being A DonorCure Body Donor is Free

Donating your body to science for the advancement of medicine is, undeniably, a selfless act. The least we can do is take care of all expenses relating to the body donation process. From transportation, cremation, and death certificate expenses to returning the cremated remains to the family or scattering them at sea, DonorCure has it covered. 

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Pre-Screen Your Patient

To make the body donation process easier, DonorCure does a pre-screening for donors. Patients who are on hospice care or are terminally-ill with a life expectancy of six months or less can avail this service. This advance screening process for donors is not a requirement but it will make the process faster and more convenient for families at the time of passing.


Donation Instructions

1. Determining Eligibility

A DonorCure donation coordinator will conduct a screening interview. This is to determine if the prospective donor meets the medical research requirements for body donation.

2. Donation Forms and Documents

Donation forms are available here. Completed documentation can be emailed to

3. Review of Terms & Conditions

Patients and family members will be given a review of DonorCure’s terms and conditions by our donation coordinator.

4. What To Do At The Time of Passing

Medical professionals and families will be oriented by our donation coordinator on what to do upon a donor’s death. The donor flyer we fax to hospitals also has instructions on the procedures at the time of passing.

Procedure At Time Of Passing

1. Contact Us

Caregivers and family members should immediately call DonorCure upon the donor’s passing. Our donation coordinators are available at all times 24/7. Please call

2. Donor Eligibility Verification

A donor’s medical condition at the time of passing can affect their eligibility. Our DonorCure coordinator will interview families and medical professionals to ascertain if the deceased can qualify for body donation. It also serves to confirm their screening information if they’ve already completed the pre-screening process.

3. Submit Required Documents

Donation consent forms along with the required supporting documents have to be completed and submitted to us within 24 hours of the donor’s death. You can email it to .

4. Prepare Transportation

Upon confirmation of the donor’s acceptance, DonorCure will coordinate with a local funeral home to help transport the donor to our facility. Families are advised not to contact a funeral home themselves to ensure that all transportation costs are covered by DonorCure.


  • The requirements for being a whole body donor for DonorCure are minimal. Almost anyone who wishes to donate their body for the advancement of science is welcomed. We accept individuals with a wide variety of medical conditions and do not impose any age restrictions. 

    However, being diagnosed with certain communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B can affect your eligibility. History of intravenous drug use, recent prolonged incarceration, institutionalization, homelessness, and severe obesity or emaciation upon passing can also disqualify you. We accept donors from all states within the continental United States. 

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