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Your Donation Is Helping Advance
Medical Knowledge

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Whole body donation is key to helping medical researchers develop medicines and cure that can help humanity for generations to come. Register to donate below.

Help Create The Future Of Medicine

Whole body donors make it possible for doctors and medical experts to have a deeper understanding of the human body. 

We connect donors with doctors and medical researchers to pave the way for medical breakthroughs. Whole body donations allow the medical community to come up with innovative cures for diseases, develop new medical tools and safer surgical techniques.

When you donate your body to science you can save and transform millions of lives for generations to come.

There's No Cost To Be A Donor

You won’t have to worry about paying a single cent once you are accepted as a body donor. We take care of all expenses related to the donation process.

DonorCure covers costs for transportation, cremation, and a copy of the death certificate. We also facilitate for the cremated remains to be scattered at sea or directly returned to the family.

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We are available now to answer your questions regarding whole body donation and assist you with the registration process. We work hard to serve our donors with the utmost care, compassion, respect and a commitment to the highest standards.

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How To Become A Donor

1. Contact Us

Our Donation Coordinators are available 24/7 to conduct a donor eligibility screening or to verify the donor’s registration.

3. The Donor Is Matched

The donor is matched to medical researchers. Information about the studies conducted is available to the family upon request.

2. Transportation

We make all of the transportation arrangements from the donor’s place of death to one of our U.S. facilities at no cost to the donor, their family or their caregivers.

4. Making Final Arrangements

A certified death certificate is issued. The donor’s cremated remains are scattered at sea or directly returned to the family.

Brochures And Forms Are Available Upon Request

Want to share this information with others who are interested to become whole body donors? Call or email us now to request printed copies of our brochures and forms.

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Or use our donation forms here.

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Instructions For Family Caregivers

1. Register When Close To Passing

The donor’s next of kin or healthcare agent can legally assist in arranging for body donation. A full and complete copy of the Healthcare Power of Attorney must be submitted together with the body donation forms.

3. Submit Required Forms

Donation forms are available HERE. Completed documentation can be emailed to

2. Contact Us

A Donation Coordinator will screen each applicant to determine if they meet the medical research criteria necessary to become a body donor.

4. Donor Has Died

DonorCure should be notified at once to determine or review the donor’s eligibility and start making arrangements for the body’s transport.

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Click Below To Begin Registration

Click below to be taken to our secure online registration software. Your information is protected by our HIPAA compliant systems.

If your patient or loved one is currently in a hospital or has already died, contact DonorCure immediately and ask for assistance from any of our Donation Coordinator.

To signify your intent to donate upon death, read our eligibility requirements to determine your eligibility. Then complete the whole body donor registration form using our online software. 

Be sure to inform your family members or anyone legally allowed to execute your will about your decision to become a whole body donor so they know about your plan and can carry out your wishes upon your death.

Upon receiving your registration, your information will then be entered in our whole body donor registry. In 2-3 weeks, expect to receive your donor card and welcome packet in the mail. Wherever you go, always have your donor card with you.

Would you like to receive a brochure and registrations forms by mail?

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  • The requirements for being a whole body donor for DonorCure are minimal. Almost anyone who wishes to donate their body for the advancement of science is welcomed. We accept individuals with a wide variety of medical conditions and do not impose any age restrictions. 

    However, being diagnosed with certain communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B can affect your eligibility. History of intravenous drug use, recent prolonged incarceration, institutionalization, homelessness, and severe obesity or emaciation upon passing can also disqualify you. We accept donors from all states within the continental United States. 

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