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Find the right prescription medication and dosage for you through your Genetics

Pharmacogenetic testing is a type of genetic test that assesses a patient’s risk of an adverse response or likelihood to respond to a given drug, informing drug selection and dosing. This test provides a physician vital information that is needed when prescribing medication. This means the right drug for the right patient at the right dose, ultimately optimizing the patients drug therapy outcome.

Pharmacogenetics Test Requirements

1. Medications

Participants must be prescribed: Pain, Mental Health, and/or Cardiovascular Medication.

2. Insurance

To participate in Genetic Testing you must have health insurance with: PPO or Medicare.

3. Participant Location

The participants for this study must reside in the USA at this time.

All Genetic Testing Has No Out Of Pocket Cost

Insurance that applies to the Genetic Tests include: Medicare or PPO.

We do not accept HMO or Medicaid insurance at this time.

Genetic testing does not impact premiums and you will not be billed out of pocket.

According to the FDA, each year, approximately 4.5 million Americans visit their doctors or the emergency room due to Adverse Drug Reactions making it the 4th leading cause of death in the United States.

This test will be able to specify how quickly your body metabolizes, or filters, any given drug.

Some patients are rapid metabolizers, flushing medication so quickly from their system that their body does not benefit from the medication. Poor metabolizers, on the other hand, can be harmed because the normal dose of medicine is too much for their body to metabolize.

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