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Find out if your cancer

risk is hereditary

DonorCure has partnered with a genetic diagnostic program offering an analysis of 52 of the most clinically relevant genomic mutations associated with cancer. The Hereditary Cancer test provides patients with the information, education, and most importantly, opportunity to make life-altering changes. This is a simple cheek swab that has no out of pocket cost to you.

Hereditary Cancer Test Medical Necessities

1. Cancer Diagnosis

Participants must have a cancer diagnosis with one of the following: Bladder, Brain, Breast, Colon/Rectal, Colonic Polyps, Uterine, Kidney, Liver, Melanoma, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Prostate, or Stomach cancer.

2. Insurance

To participate in the DNA research program you must have health insurance with: PPO or Medicare.

3. Location

The participants for this study must reside in the USA at this time.

We firmly believe that genetic testing benefits health care providers better estimate their patient’s risk of developing cancer. With this in mind, patients and providers will be influenced to perform preventative actions such as:

  • Increased Self-examinations i.e clinical and self breast examinations
  • Increased thyroid examinations
  • Increased colonoscopy frequency
  • Risk-reducing prophylactic surgery and/or chemo prevention
  • Early and increased prostate cancer screenings
  • Consideration of MRI-based screening/technologies

DonorCure currently offers analysis of 52 of the most clinically relevant genomic mutations associated with cancer. Hereditary Cancer Testing provides people with life saving information, education, and most importantly, the opportunity to make life-altering decisions.

All Genetic Testing Has No Out Of Pocket Cost

Insurance that applies to the Genetic Tests include: Medicare or PPO.

We do not accept HMO or Medicaid insurance at this time.

Genetic testing does not impact premiums and you will not be billed out of pocket.

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