7 Burial Alternatives That Defies Convention

A traditional funeral service.

Published February 11, 2021

In most cultures, burying the dead usually involves elaborate ceremonies and rituals. This is why most burial rites are heavily rooted in tradition. And until several decades ago, going against these established traditions is unthinkable.

But as modern ideas penetrate into every corner of the world, these long-held burial traditions are slowly changing. It’s evident in how cremation has become so popular in recent years. Though most people still cling to traditional burial, many are now looking for more unconventional ways to get buried.

If you’re one of those people who are looking to go with a bang, these unconventional burial alternatives will sit right in with you:

1. Resomation

Also known as water cremation, resomation uses lye and heat to dissolve human and animal remains. It’s touted as a more eco-friendly alternative to cremation. And indeed, it produces similar results to cremation but with lesser fuel consumption.

The process involves putting the remains in a pressured container filled with water and potassium hydroxide. It is then heated for about 4 to 6 hours until only the bones remain.

If you’re an eco-warrior who plans on getting cremated, this burial alternative will suit you well.

2. Cryonics

If you’re not yet ready to live this world forever and doesn’t mind being frozen for years, you can consider cryonics. It’s a burial alternative that involves freezing the remains in the hopes that resurrection will be possible in the future. The practice started in the 60’s and as of 2014, there are already about 250 cryo-preserved bodies in the US.

3. Space Burial

Up until the 20th century, men have only gazed at the universe and wonder what’s out there. But now, you can even choose to be buried in space. Yes, you read that right. Space burial is now a thing and many people are already signing up for it.

But contrary to what its name suggests, the cremated remains aren’t really scattered out in space. Instead, the ashes are carried off in a space shuttle and left at the moon’s surface or orbit the earth. Prices for space burial services usually range from $2,500 to as much as $13,000.

4. Freeze-Drying

Promession or freeze-drying is exactly as its name suggests. Using specially engineered equipment, the body is bathed in liquid nitrogen freezing it. At this stage, the body’s cells are crystallized. These crystal particles are then freeze-dried in a vacuum container turning them into ashes. Metals and foreign objects are then removed before the ashes are placed in a biodegradable container. Finally, the container is buried underground and left to decompose.

A family burying their dead through one of the burial alternatives.

5. Burial Pods

Though traditional underground burial had been practiced for thousands of years, it’s not really great for the environment. So if you want to be buried underground and please mother nature at the same time, burial pods are for you.

Burial pods are essentially caskets made out of biodegradable materials. They’re egg-shaped and suitable for both whole-body burial and cremation ashes. But what really sets this burial method apart is that the pod also contains tree seeds. When the body or ashes decompose, it provides a natural fertilizer to the growing tree. Instead of memorial stones, you will be immortalized in a tree. If everyone does that, then the world wouldn’t have to worry so much about deforestation.

6. Memorial Diamonds

They say that diamonds are forever. So what better way to immortalize yourself than turning your ashes into diamonds. Yes, you can do that now. In fact, many people are already signing up for it.

As you may know, our body contains carbon and diamonds are pure carbon. That’s why when the hair or cremated remains of a person are synthesized, it turns into diamonds.

The synthesizing process starts by extracting carbon from the hair or cremated remains. The extracted carbon is then filtered and purified. Then, it’s subjected to high heat and pressure in a computer-controlled chamber. The result is a synthetic memorial diamond that your loved ones can keep forever.

7. Body Donation

Since the start of humanity’s existence, we’ve been fighting various kinds of illnesses that for a time were considered incurable. But with the advancement of medicine, these diseases have become curable.

This is what body donation is for. It propels the advancement of science and medicine by supporting life-saving medical research. If you become a body donor, you’ll not only help create a better future for the next generation. You’ll also leave a lasting legacy for your heroic act.

Body donation also helps you save on funeral costs as body donation companies like Donorcure will take care of all donation related expenses. From transporting the body, to cremation, getting a death certificate, and returning the ashes to your family, we will pay for all of it. So you get to help humanity while saving your family thousands of dollars in funeral costs.

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